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HOUSTON, TX (May 22, 2012)-Dynamyte Records, a newly formed digital distribution company, announced the launch of it’s new website The site is intended to go a step further than it’s competitors’ CD Baby and TuneCore by connecting artist and their fans together within their own social networking community! Although Dynamyte is in more of a beta stage, it is well equipped with lots of social networking features such as; Forums, Blogs, Groups, Polls, Site Activity, and a Shout Box for fans to interact and give feedback. New ‘users’ are encouraged to create a new account on the site or Log-in using OpenID (valid email required).

The site includes:

  • Get a FREE MP3 Song for Your Email!
  • 3 Categories Displaying the Top Digital Pop, R&B and Rap Songs.
  • Large Banners Promoting Artists that Has Signed Digital Distribution Deals.
  • A Vast Amount of Information from BMI (royalties, publisher agreements etc.)
  • Calendar that Displays Every Digital Release from Dynamyte Records.
  • E-commerce That Will Allow Artists to Sell Their Music On the Site.
  • All Genres Are Welcomed For Digital Distribution
  • Each Artist Will Have Their Music Available World-Wide Into 240 Countries
  • Each Artist Will Have Their Music Sold On Top Digital Retail Stores iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify, and 100’s more…
  • Each Artist Will Receive A basic Artist Profile Page, along with their New Album or Single Added to The Sites’ Catalog For Sale.
  • Artists With Digital Distribution Deals Will Have Access to Their Daily Sales (minimum fee required).
  • Artists With Digital Distribution Deals Will Have Access to Sales Report Tracking What Parts of the World Their Music is Currently Being Sold!
  • Music-enthusiasts, Artists, Music Producers, and all others are Encouraged to Create a New Acoount on the Site or Log-in Using OpenID (valid email required).
  • The New Site is Equipped with Lots of Social Networking Features; Forums, Blogs, Groups, Polls, Site Activity, and Shout Box.
  • Also, Users Will Be Able To Make Friends With Other Users or Choose to Follow Other Users, as well as See Who Their Buddies Are on The Site.
  • Users Can Send Public and/or Private Messages to Each Other.
  • Each User Will Receive Their Own “My Account link to Log out, Check their Userpoints, Invite A Friend, View their Relationships with Other Users, Access their Profile Page.


“This new website offers a combination of social networking mixed with multi-media and the ability for Indie Artists to sell their music to fans,” said Roderick “Hardattak” Woods, Dynamyte Record’s CEO/President.

Dynamyte Records is currently gaining interests from recording artists found in all parts of the U.S. Market (New York, California, Texas, North Carolina, Delaware, Louisiana, Alabama).

Next, Dynamyte Records teamed up with its New York based sister company White Light Music Group and Zoom Management to select artists with the best chance of selling their music to a Multi-Cultural audience, they are George Benson, Kayo Bracey with over 150,000 Digital Downloads, and Fred Knuxx voted Top 50 Independent Artsit by Vibe Magazine among others.

As of right now, the complete line-up of artists are being distributed online to 240 Countries. The countries include all of the stores Apple has launched in Brazil and 15 additional Latin American countries including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela. Also, the United States, China, Germany, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Africa, Mexico, Czech Republic and more.

Dynamyte North America is the newest underdog amongst popular competitors such as TuneCore and CD Baby and is currently headquartered in Houston, TX. Dynamyte’s CEO has already had some success in key Southwest urban markets while working for Jam Down in 1999. As a promoter, he pushed 2 of Houston’s most significant albums from DJ Screw (All Work No Play) and Lil Keke (It Was All A Dream) which debuted on Billboard at #19, with a combined sales total of upward 200,000 independent. The company also offers sub-label deals with other labels that wish to distribute their own music.


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Courtesy of Dynamyte Records.


The new digital label Dynamyte is the latest to join a growing group of companies offering album releases to 300 digital music stores and streaming services around the world such as; iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, Spotify, Deezer, and eMusic, which guarantee higher revenues and quick and efficient digital distribution of your music. Companies like CD Baby and Tune Core lure artists with their 100% Royalties promotion. But a 100% of nothing, meaning if their is no promotional campaigns set-up for the release, it's likely the artist won't get any royalties at all. Dynamyte offers non-exclusive licensing agreements, 100% royalties, 70/30 splits, as well as sub-label deals.


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