Dynamyte Records est.1994–Roderick Woods (COO)

Founder Roderick Woods started his path as an songwriter/artist known as “Hardattak” before becoming an Indie label. ” I wrote my first song titled “Something Ain’t Right”-1992, about growing up as a kid in the ghetto—.” Later discovering his talent as an rap artist Roderick “Hardattak” Woods created his first 3-track demo produced by Muhammad2G, formerly known as, “POP” from the group “Coppertone Conspiracy”. The artist “Hardattak” rhythmic flow on the mic and at work amongst co-workers, led to a phone call that connected him with DJ DMD(InnerSoul Records). “We drove down to PA the next day and was in the studio—-“The artist “Hardattak” made a lyrical presence on one of DJ DMD’s many underground mixtapes in the mid 90’s, prior to DMD signing a deal with Elecktra Records. After creating a buzz in Houston, Port Authur, Beaumont and Orange, Texas, Roderick and his childhood friend Michael “Pypa” Harrell had formed the group Major League CG’s- Pypa & Hardattak later to unite with Ralph “Boe” McDonald, First “Bone” Last, Matthew “Lil’ G” Last and Donald “Young Pooh” Joseph (brother). After discovering their many talents as rap group, Roderick was on route to seek a major situation for the “Major League CG’s”. Although he did attend Texas Southern University studying Business Administration, this didn’t spark his passion to becoming an independent label it was the was the whole mind-set. Roderick grew eager to know more about the business side of the music industry. By becoming “business-minded” Roderick joined in partnership with Ed Douglas and launched the label Dynamyte Records in 1994. Dynamyte Records teamed up with Richard “Roach” Kler (Overthrown Productions) who produced their first single “The Blvd”-1995. “The Blvd” was Dynamyte Records first release that transpired on the streets of Houston and also made a television debut on Inside Edition (CBS Television Distribution).


This post is by Dynamyte Records Social Media Manager~ Melody George, MEL

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The new digital label Dynamyte is the latest to join a growing group of companies offering album releases to 300 digital music stores and streaming services around the world such as; iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, Spotify, Deezer, and eMusic, which guarantee higher revenues and quick and efficient digital distribution of your music. Companies like CD Baby and Tune Core lure artists with their 100% Royalties promotion. But a 100% of nothing, meaning if their is no promotional campaigns set-up for the release, it's likely the artist won't get any royalties at all. Dynamyte offers non-exclusive licensing agreements, 100% royalties, 70/30 splits, as well as sub-label deals.

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