Dynamyte Digital Services, Texas


Web Site: dynamyterecods.com

Distributor: Believe Digital

Indie Genre: Urban Pop, Rap/Hip-Hop, R&B/Funk


Dynamyte Records isn’t throwing in the towel just yet– this indie label has endured the hardships of being independent in the music industry and seeking a turnaround for this fiscal year 2012! Dynamyte Records has launched their own social entertainment website, dynamyterecords.com, which will seek to give their ensemble of artist and music-enthusiasts an online community of their own. Last April 2011, Roderick Woods, CEO of Dynamyte Records signed a Digital Distribution Agreement with Believe Digital– Believe Digital is the leading digital distributor and services provider for independent artists & labels in Europe and rapidly branching out in the United States. This digital distribution deal was before it’s time when Mark Goldstein (Zoom Management/White Light Music) offered him the opportunity to distribute his own content. Distribution reaches worldwide into 240 countries. Main countries that have shown interests in our artists is the United States, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine, Taiwan, Netherlands, Germany, China and Canada.


We will put the artist’s music into over 300 digital retail stores worldwide. The artists that sign a licensing deal with us will automati•cally launch overseas. That’s a premium many artists and bands will never get to experience! We can GUARANTEE this to bands that join with us. In addition, we offer professional consultation to Indie Artists and the kind of guidance that artists can use to navigate themselves correctly as they pursue their musical dream.


The new digital label Dynamyte is the latest to join a growing group of companies offering album releases to 300 digital music stores and streaming services around the world such as; iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, Spotify, Deezer, and eMusic, which guarantee higher revenues and quick and efficient digital distribution of your music. Companies like CD Baby and Tune Core lure artists with their 100% Royalties promotion. But a 100% of nothing, meaning if their is no promotional campaigns set-up for the release, it's likely the artist won't get any royalties at all. Dynamyte offers non-exclusive licensing agreements, 100% royalties, 70/30 splits, as well as sub-label deals.