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Many are called, but few are CHOSEN. Rel, the Chosen, or simply known as Chosen to some is a Houston underground lyricist who has performed with some with some of your favorite rappers such as Slim Thug, 8 Ball and MJG, Devin the Dude, and the list goes on. Rel has performed guest verses on numerous mixed-tapes and other artists albums for several years. Rel was recently featured as 1 of 4 unsigned artist on the Takers Motion Picture Mixtape hosted by Actor/DJ Idris Elba. He has opened for well know acts such as Common, Black Thoughts of the Roots, and DJ Premire of Gangstarr. He’s most recently releases Beautiful Music 1 & 2 have been well received by fans both young and old.

To compare Rels style to any one particular person would be a difficult task. Each time you hear Rels flow, you hear something different. Just listening to his flow is an experience in itself.

Born and raised on the East side of Houston, Texas, Rel has seen the rise of some great rap legends come from his area. Destined for something greater, Rel has chosen a path that few would take. Past accomplishments mean nothing, as Rel set forth a new way of putting the lyric back into rap. With that said, are called or are you CHOSEN?
Bring back real HIP HOP
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