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Fred Knuxx started rapping at the age of six and has been training all the skills needed to be the next hottest rapper. Born Fredrick Shepeard Jr., he has dreamed of bringing a new dimension into the hip hop world with his flamboyant style, cleaver metaphors, and thought-provoking topics. Fred Knuxx is well on his way to making his dreams become reality. For one to have a chance at becoming an elite rapper, they must be able to write and arrange their own music. Not only does Fred Knuxx posses these skills, he also provides messages that people of all ages can relate to. Through his music, he expresses life situations, whether good or bad, while offering a positive course of action.

Although it has been a challenge trying to pursue his music, Fred Knuxx has let his determination and motivation allow him to accomplish several achievements. His former group The Franchize, where Fred Knuxx was the lead front man, was signed to an independent production company called Upfront Entertainment in 1997. During that same year, they performed in a play called The Me Nobody Knows and won second place in the NuStar Talents show in Philadelphia. Fred Knuxx decided to take his love for hip hop to another level and became a solo artist in 1999. Since then his future kept getting brighter.

Being a true business man that he is, Knuxx decided to create his own label StarCore Ent. (Something True And Real to the Core) He is co owner with his partner Ms. CEO Lanee. Together they plan on building a Entertainment Conglomerate and expand it past the world of music. With Fred Knuxx being the Face of the label and Ms. Ceo being the force behind the scenes, the sky is truly the limit. Together they have sold over 6000 cds worldwide independently.

Fred Knuxx has made a serious Buzz online. It all started when he landed his infamous song Kickstand on DJ Kurupt’s Streetz iz Talkin’ Unsigned Hype Mixtape contest. This contest placed 23 artist from across the world on a mixtape where people had to go online and vote for their favorite artist. Needless to say Fred Knuxx won the contest by a landslide. That solidified his place amongst the best unsigned artist in hip hop. From there Knuxx has been featured on every major hip hop website such aswww.ballerstatus.net, www.hiphopgame.com,www.dubcnn.com, www.yoraps.com, www.rapmullet.com, and www.mixtapetalk.com just to name a few. He also has been getting love overseas on Party radio fm (German radio station), www.planeturban.com.au (Australian website),www.underdarock.com (Nigerian website), www.eraport.com(polish website) and is apart of the Dj league (Europes #1 dj firm). Fred Knuxx website www.fredknuxx.com receives 200-500 page views per day and he was named delawares number 1 artist on myspace. (www.myspace.com/fredknuxx)

Fred Knuxx has the streets of Delaware on smash. Most industry experts say in order to get signed, you must have a buzz in your home state. Well Fred Knuxx Buzz is loud in the first state. He has been on the cover of Spark magazine (a local weekly magazine that is popular in Delaware). He was the first unsigned artist to be on Delaware’s radio station Kiss 101.7 and has been a regular on their hometown jams segment. He is the most sought after artist in Delaware by other rappers because of his music. He recently created and headlined his own Hip Hop show called “The Movement” which showcased other talented artist in Delaware. He has performed at every major venue in Delaware like The East End Café, Kahunaville ( DMC Dj battle), Club Pharos, Club Fantasia, Christiana Culture Art Center, Nur Temple, Club Extreme and The Coleseum. There is only one artist that comes to mind when promoters in Delaware are looking for Hip Hop acts to rock their event………Fred Knuxx” The Big Deal from the Small Wonder”

In 2003 Fred Knuxx sold over 2000 copies of his first mixtape called Best of The Best. He recently released his 2nd mixtape called “The Repo Man……. Taking The Game Back” which is getting great reviews (3 tapes out of 4 by rapmullet.com the #1 mixtape website) and has sold over 3000 copies and counting to date. Fred Knuxx has been on over 100 mixtapes also. Recently he signed and exclusive management deal with west coast legend Jazzy-D aka Gangsta Granny’s management company Jazzy Management. Now making moves on the west and east coast, getting signed is right around the corner.

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