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The Role The Sr. Director of Sales & Label Manager works closely with half a dozen labels and is the main informational and communication source between these labels and all applicable partners within Dynamyte, including Digital Strategies, Operations, and Executive Management Team. The Label Manager has a business development role, helping Dynamyte to establish a presence in Houston. Key Responsibilities: Operations • Develop and maintain quality working relationships with designated labels / artists • Work with labels to develop, execute, project manage marketing plans & timelines for specific releases • Monitor and communicate all marketing drivers and sales activity on designated records Business Development • The company’s Global-based business development contact for new labels and artists • Currently in the marketplace, talking to labels, understanding the marketplace and identifying potential opportunities Skills and Experience • 10+ years of experience in sales, marketing, and music business • 10+ years of business development experience in a distribution or label environment • Deep understanding and appreciation for all genres of music and how it’s consumed • Adapting to change and flourish among evolving technologies and business models affecting the marketplace • Developed relationships and contacts in the Houston, New York, California, and Atlanta market at independent labels etc. Send us an email to: myrep@dynamytedigital.com

Dear Partners, We have integrated daily reports from Google Play to the Daily Stats. Those data are sent every day by Google and like the other daily reports, they will help you estimate your products’ performance. Please note that we are provided data about Downloads only, not Streams. Google is planning to add pre-order figures in late 2014 to the data feed. Please keep in mind that the evolution tabs for Tracks and Albums will exclude Google Play until we get enough data in our system to compare two periods. A new interface for your daily statistics has been made available to you. In addition to a brand new design, we have added new features: – a new pie chart to compare your statistics for Tracks, Albums and Streams – an infobox to monitor the evolution between one period and the previous period. – filters to the Details per Day section to let you isolate particular stores, artists, releases, etc. – new export tools rendering your reports, pie chart and graphs more accurate and easier to share. Please keep in mind that this page displays consolidated daily reports provided by a few stores only, and that these tools are for statistical purpose only – in order to help you estimating your potential sales regularly. They can differ from the royalty reports for many reasons, such as incomplete transactions, failed downloads, and delayed updates from the relevant services. Dynamyte Digital Team.

When are my royalties made available ? Your royalties are available each quarter, based on the following schedule : Payment date Royalties display 1st Quarter > Q1 May, 1st 2nd Quarter > Q2 August, 1st 3rd Quarter > Q3 November, 1st 4th Quarter > Q4 February, 1st On these dates your royalties will be marked as credited to your account, and you will therefore be able to request your payment. How do I request the payment of my royalties ? To request your royalty payment, click on the “Request my payment” button that appears in the “Reportings and payments” section. Please note that your payment request will only be processed if the following information has been correctly provided: In the section “My account”, sub-section “My bank account”, 1. Legal and tax information must be provided 2. Your banking information must be correctly provided and have been previously validated by Dynamyte > See FAQ : tax profile and banking information It should be reminded that, in some cases, the payment of your royalties will not be available. For example, if the royalties due are inferior to the minimum amount required by your distribution contract (usually 100 €), you will need to wait for the cumulated amount of your royalties to reach the limit to demand your payment. For all other reasons, please contact the royalty department at myrep@dynamytedigital.com How do I receive an invoice ? As soon as you request your payment, the corresponding invoice is made available, automatically generated based on the tax and legal information you provided in the “Bank account” section. > See FAQ : tax profile and banking information It is therefore unnecessary for you to send us your invoice. You are free to print out this invoice for accounting purposes. When are my royalties paid ? The Royalty department processes your payment every fortnight according to the following rules: *All requests made between the 1st of the month at 12:01pm and the 15th at 12:00pm will be processed on the 15th. If the 15th is a non-working day, payments will be made on the following working day. *Requests made between the 15th at 12:01 am and the 1st of the following month at 12:00 pm will be processed on the 1st. If the 1st is a non-working day, payments will be made on the following working day. Once the payment has been made by our services, a confirmation email will be sent to you. You should bear in mind that there is a slight delay between the moment the payment is made by our services and the moment your account is credited. Such a delay can vary according to your bank’s process, or to the fact that the bank transfer is international, but should not exceed 48hrs. Please note that all bank charges incurred will be at your expense.

Push Your Music Into 240 Countries! Dear partners, Digital music released by Dynamyte will also be sold in the following 48 new iTunes Store territories (product rights providing): Anguilla, Cayman Islands, Kyrgyzstan, Saint Kitts, Nevis, Antigua, Barbuda, Dominica, Mauritius, South Africa, Armenia, Fiji, Micronesia, Swaziland, Azerbaijan, Gambia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Bahamas, Ghana, Mongolia, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Grenada, Mozambique Turkey, Belarus, Guinea-Bissau, Namibia, Turkmenistan, Belize, India, Nepal, Uganda, Bermuda, Indonesia, Niger, Ukraine, Botswana, Israel, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Burkina-Faso, Kazakhstan, Papua New Guinea, Virgin Islands, British, Cape Verde, Kenya, Russia, and Zimbabwe. In addition, artists should know there has been a territorial extension by the Streaming service Deezer, which has launched in 22 new markets including Brasil, the Middle-East, South-Korea and South-Africa allowing our artists’ content to be made available on these localized outlets as well. We have done our best to grasp the new promotional opportunities available, and are working hard promoting content on the Turkish, Russian and South-African store fronts especially. Do not hesitate to talk about new developments to your Label Manager if you have any thoughts or queries. Click on the Link below to download a list of Countries.