Time Capsule Pt. 1

TIME CAPSULE Dynamyte Records est.1994–Roderick Woods (COO) Founder Roderick Woods started his path as an songwriter/artist known as “Hardattak” before becoming an Indie label. ” I wrote my first song titled “Something Ain... read more


Who We Are

Dynamyte Digital Services, Texas RODERICK L. WOODS, PRESIDENT Web Site: Distributor: Believe Digital Indie Genre: Urban Pop, Rap/Hip-Hop, R&B/Funk 04.12.12 Dynamyte Records isn’t throwing in the towel just yet– this indi... read more


Digital Distribution (German)

The advantages of digital marketing for indie artists, producers and record companies Dynamyte encourage indie artists to billion dollar digital music industry to use! Roderick L. Woods, (20 March 2014) While in the past the music business heavily on keys... read more


Digital Distribution (Italian)

Les avantages de la Distribution numérique pour les artistes indépendants, producteurs de musique et de disques Dynamyte encouragent les artistes Indie de capitaliser sur l’industrie de la musique numérique de milliards de dollars ! Par Roderick ... read more


Digital Distribution (Russian)

Преимущества цифровой дистрибуции для инди-исполнителей, музыкальных продюсеров и лейблы Dynamyte поощрять инди-артистов на миллиард долларо... read more


Digital Distribution (Spanish)

Los beneficios de la distribución Digital para Indie artistas, productores y sellos discográficos Dynamyte animar los artistas Indie para capitalizar la multimillonaria industria de la música Digital! Por Roderick L. Woods, (20 de marzo de 2014) Mientr... read more


What Is Digital Distribution?

The Benefits of Digital Distribution for Indie Artists, Music Producers and Record Labels Dynamyte Encourage Indie Artists to Capitalize on Billion Dollar Digital Music Industry! By Roderick L. Woods, (March 20, 2014) Whereas in the past, the music busine... read more